Gill Stripe

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If you're fond of fonts, you can be called typofreak, but if you fall in love with a single character, it may well be called typophile. This is the case with my enthusiasm for the small g in the font type Gill Sans.

The very beautifully designed letter, has a perfect ballance that at one time reflects the softness and spaciousness of an almost feminine figure.

It gave me the idea for ​​this design, where the letter g is reproduced through a series of soft lines, that in a gentle and harmonious, but also a little playful way, illustrates the beautiful letter g.

Gill Sans is a sans-serif typeface designed by Eric Gill and launched in 1928. Among other places, the typeface is used as a signature for the London Underground.
Gill Sans is a stylish, functionalistic typeface with an elegant and softly shaped italic.
The typeface has, in contrast to many contemporary German workspaces, a sculptural design of the uppercase letters.

170g Silk-paper

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